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How many minutes does it take to cook 1 serving of rice? To

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People who take food longer than usual. Or a slow eater Does not have any negative effect on the body more than wasting time But be sure to eat slowly because of the habit of "chewing". Slow chewing food thoroughly before swallowing. And eating slowly makes the stomach feel full faster than those who eat fast Because the body has gradually Take the time to transport food into the stomach until it feels full. While people who eat fast The food had not yet gotten into the stomach. Therefore making than feeling full, may have to eat more than the body needs For people who eat fast There is a research report that People who eat fast food May risk the work of the digestive system is not good. Because hurriedly chewed and swallowed May not be chewed enough May cause the risk of minor symptoms such as colic, dizziness, indigestion, indigestion to even more dangerous symptoms such as the Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University explains that Metabolic Syndrome is a disorder caused by abnormal metabolism of the body. Caused by insulin resistance and obesity, which is why this symptom is found in people who are obese. Overweight Including those who have a lot of belly fat And people with obesity (Central Obesity) causes high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, which will result in stroke and heart. Ischemic heart disease Studies have shown that people who eat fast are 2.5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who eat normally.

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