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All about courses for pregnant women

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Hello everyone,,
Exactly how you collect, organize and use the information determines whether you win or lose (unknown author)

With a huge abundance of available literature on pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a baby, my opinion is that you should go to pregnant courses!
What courses give even for the most “advanced” mothers:
- systematization of a huge amount of information
- practical skills in childbirth, with a child, with doctors
- professional advice
- getting rid of fears and superstitions
- Expanding the circle of interests.
During the selection of courses suitable for me, I systematized the proposals for expectant mothers in such a way:
- courses at antenatal clinics
- courses at maternity hospitals
- private courses / clubs.
Courses at antenatal clinics are lectures of the same doctors and midwives, in line with which you have to sit without fail for all nine months. In each consultation, the courses are treated differently - some formally, some responsibly, somewhere they generally exist only on paper for reporting. As a rule, the time of the classes is not very convenient for the working mother, the quality of the presentation of the material in most cases corresponds to the instructor’s thoughts “I have so much work, and then sit with these.” In these classes, you are unlikely to hear about the latest methods of managing childbirth, caring for a baby, etc. But you may well be advised one more biological supplement - doctors are people too, they want to eat, and manufacturers pay for them for each prescription.
Courses at maternity hospitals provide an opportunity to meet with doctors, with whom you can then agree on a birth and find out specific routines and conditions in this maternity hospital. Therefore, it is best to go to courses in the hospital, in which you intend to give birth. By the way, if you are planning a joint birth, it may turn out that you will definitely need a certificate of courses in this maternity hospital with your future dad - find out about this in advance. The cost of such courses depends solely on the appetite of the administration of the hospital. As a rule, you can enroll in such courses with a gestational age of 30-32 weeks.
Private courses. In large cities, commercial courses for pregnant women are quite large. They are all distinguished by the convenience of conducting classes for working mom-dads, colorful manuals and dummies, small groups and a rather high price compared to maternity classes.
If you decide that this is the option that will suit you the most, then I hope my advice will help you.
- First of all, collect feedback on courses on forums or from friends who have already given birth.
- Find out the qualifications of the instructors. At a minimum, they must be professional doctors or psychologists. In the best case, instructors should regularly improve their skills.
- Find out about the conditions for conducting classes - which room, what you will sit on, the availability and number of toilets - it is very important with a large concentration of pregnant women.
- Decide on the program you are interested in and its focus. Most private courses support a particular methodology for delivering and raising children. Someone advocates for home birth, someone denies strollers and promotes slings, someone has the best breastfeeding counselors, someone has established contacts with maternity hospitals and children's clinics.
- Do not forget about the nice bonuses. At some courses, this can be classes in art therapy, dancing and gymnastics, someone offers an instructor to go home, someone offers an escort during childbirth or free consultations from a psychologist, and someone just gives nice gifts to all students.
Sometimes commercial courses for pregnant women are kind of clubs and your communication with instructors and training can continue until the child goes to kindergarten or school - such a variety of programs are offered.
It is also worth adding that courses, both private and at maternity hospitals, are of varying lengths - from fairly long (for a period of one and a half to two months) to express courses for a week. Naturally, the amount of information received will also be different, but express courses will not necessarily suffer, you just feel like a student in the last days before the session.
As for future dads, then to go - not to go on courses is decided only to him. One thing I can say - if you are determined to attract your dad to study, then look for those courses in which the presence of partners is encouraged. It is encouraged, because it is important for dads not only to sit and listen, but also to be actively involved in the process, and if possible, even to “spread their tail” in front of their neighbors. One thing is for sure - your dad will definitely not be alone in the courses. The value of his knowledge is enormous, especially if you want dad to be your assistant. The general opinion of the dads who went to the courses in the same group as my husband and I was “when I came here, I didn’t know anything, even though my wife slipped me something to read. And now I have so much information! ”
Finally, various sports and psychotherapeutic courses for pregnant women. Here you and only you should choose, and not follow the fashion. Try to go to one lesson for the courses offered and look at your condition and - which is very important - according to the reaction of the child. For example, yoga for pregnant women is very fashionable now. Personally, I started to feel sick from doing yoga, but gymnastics went off the beat.
And further. All maternity courses are designed to help you. Believe me, this will come in handy.

I myself personally attended courses from the ABC, which I also wish for you : friends:.

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