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Movies detained to watch bored during home. What Happened to

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Distinctive movie style Talking about an era of overpopulation While resources are limited Therefore, scientific technology is used to design and trim plants that are sufficient for the needs. Affecting the fertility of people That the eating of those produce causes the birth of a lot of twins, Dr. Nicolay Cayman issued a policy to allocate children to each family to have only one child, with the remaining twins being The government introduced itself into a hibernating evolution system. Let them wake up again when the world seems to be getting better.

Shetman family Is one of the families that gave birth to 7 female twins and named them all on the day 7 days of the week, but they don't want the children Must log in to hibernate So the method for all the twins to use the same name is Karen Shetman and alternate to live outside one day a day. All 7 girls follow strict rules from birth until growing up to be a girl. But one day, Monday Monday, the representative who went out to live outside disappeared and didn't go home. Causing the remaining 6 twins to search for Monday, while being careful not to state that they didn't bring all 7 twins into the system according to government rules.

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