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HEDTA price

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Alkaline soil can be used as iron fertilizer HEDTA - Fe. In the rare earth extraction and purification,it is a very important application.
APPEARANCEWhite crystalline powder
рН 5% р-р 25°C1.5-2.5
Purity %≥98.0%
Heavy metals (as Pb) %≤0.001
Fe, %≤0.001
Moisture, %≤0.15
Agriculture Grade HEDTA ; iron fertilizer HEDTA - Fe; rare earth.
Baoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTD
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Baoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional agriculture grade hedta solubility manufacturer in China, who is equipped with a productive factory serving for you. We are also one of the leading such suppliers who have employed many qualified and experienced workers. They can give the finest after-sales service and fast delivery service. Don't hesitate to contact us any more.HEDTA price

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