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American experts hammer the government themselves Crossing t

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Xinhua news agency said the experts pointed out the policy. 'Export control' for the 'head of the Zhang' in the United States 'cross over the line', said Jeffrey Sachs, a famous US economist, states that the US is "overstating" the Chinese economic and trade agreement. - The United States in the first phase by issuing measures to control the export of goods to the company Huawei (Huawei) and demanding that the US government Suspend any further sanctions. Jeffrey Zaxx, a professor of economics from Columbia University, told the Xinhua News Agency via email that "The Trump government wants China to buy products from the United States. In accordance with the said trade agreement While also introducing new restrictions To punish China, for example, prohibiting the export of semiconductor devices to Hua Weih. "Zaks states that this trade agreement should be based on the principles that neither side will punish each other In which he believes that "These new restrictions as punishment These violated the agreement between the two countries. By creating a new economic burden for China Which is a one-sided action "

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