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Unhappy single "Having a partner" is not necessary!

Непрочитанное сообщение Busba1122 » 30 июн 2020 10:13


"Love" is always beautiful. But if you have to stay single No lover or spouse It's not that the aesthetic aspects of life will be chipped away because of lack of love to fulfill When many people choose to be single willingly Not single Because being abandoned or terminated by the other party Unlike past memories that we often see, many people try to keep their marriage alive (bitter) for a variety of reasons, one of which is Is not wanting to be stigmatized by society as being inferior or poor When having to break up because the other person is unfaithful
Today, most people choose to give more value to themselves. If living together then not happy Didn't have to endure suffering Or if unable to find a good lover, do not see to find the burden to himself to be tired Being a single person living happily Therefore is the choice of those who see value in themselves And see life as ours If you love yourself enough Will choose only good things in life Without needing to find someone to fulfill the happiness when 24 hours return to be ours without sharing with anyone That means We will spend all time doing good things for a single 100 percent life. If you want to do anything, you can do as you please. And enough money in your pocket to give you peace of mind

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