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cheap Dental Syringe

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Dental curved syringe 2017 high quality disposable syringe with ISO13485 ISO9001 CE certificated. We supply Disposable medical products used in hospital and daily supplies for medical operations and surgical treatment. our market is Asia, Middle east, Africa, Europe and etc.
1.product introduction of the dental curved syringe
- irrigation piston syringe
- Use with impression materials, cements, surgical packs, etc
- Adjustable point can be cut.
- curved head
2.product specification of the dental curved syringe
- straight head syringes
- stable quality,durable plastic
- non-toxic,for single use,diposable
3.Product feature and application of the dental curved syringe
Advantage: Polypropylene plastic, self-enclosed medical piston, ideal for teeth clearing, impression material injection, family care after operation, and for fluoride treatment.

4.Product qualification of the dental curved syringe
5.Delivery, shipping and service.
Sample available
Samples delivery in 3-5days by DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS etc.
Shipment by sea or air.
Port: Shanghai Port, or other China port
1, Effective communication and prompt response.
2, High quality products support you to win your market.
3, Commit to new and innovative technology to meet latest market demand.
4, Develop new and unique products with you.
5, OEM/ODM welcomed.
Q1.How to order?
A: 1、send us your specification requirement.(product name, size, quantity, package)by email.
2、we will send you the quotation.
3、we send you samples to check the quality and other details.
4、further negotiation if necessary.
5、send us deposit money, we will arrange your order into production immediately.
Q2.How to shipment?
A: 1、Advice us your shipping forwarder.
2、we will contact them for the booking.
3、Once booked ready, we will arrange to shipment the goods to the
stipulated place.
4、Send you all the required documents for customs clearance.
Q3、Will you produce the products as per our requirements?
A: Yes, Customized package and OEM printing are available
cheap Dental Syringe

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