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Night incontinence in a child

Непрочитанное сообщение tdh10 » 15 мар 2019 15:56

The Son of 7 years, in the autumn went to the first class and began "troubles ". Manifestations of enuresis at first several times a week, then every night. Tried all the means, in the beginning-urologist, urologist advised to connect a psychologist, psychologist recommended Plus to the treatment to connect the Ennuuesevye alarms. Even Watched the story of Dr. Kamarouski about the treatment of children's enuresis and received confirmation that indeed, alarms help.
I Know from experience that the alarm clock is known to a few and in Ukraine they are not so popular, can be someone help. The Problem is serious, so much torment was, now everything is behind))). Glad to help someone.

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