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Keyman! "Neville" saw this point to have influenced Liverpoo

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Former Manchester United star Gary Neville, who currently serves as a sports analyst for Sky Sports, made comments about the football that played a key role in Liverpool's return to prominence in the episode. This In the latest situation, "Reds" need only 6 points from 9 games remaining this season, will guarantee the league's long-awaited title in 30 years and is considered the first Premier League title. Since the name change from the original Division 1 For Liverpool's performance in this season's league, it must be said that it was very strong when scoring 82 points from 27 wins, 1 draw and 1 losing match from 29 matches, in which the team lost only 21 goals. Goals and clean sheets can be played for 12 games. However, many voices praised Ferg van Diike, the captain of the team's defender is an important factor in making this team good. But the right-back legend, the Red Devils Instead, it is believed that the most important player to be praised is Brazil boss, Alexis Becker.

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