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wholesale Titanium Fan

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In the year 2001, set up the forging workshop.
In 2006, registered for Changsheng Titanium Co.
In 2008, started the global business, established Changtai Metals Trading Co.
In 2008, worked with alibaba.com, and to be the golden supplier of alibaba.
In 2010, researched and developed the technology of big seamless titanium tube.
In 2012, finished the trial production of big seamless titanium tube sucessfully, and applied for the national patent.
In 2013, made mass production of big seamless titanium tube.
In 2014, developed the technology of Grade 5 tube, introduced Germany production equipment.
In 2014, enlarged the production line of customized parts, made titanium radiators and heat exchangers for Canada Saltswork and American Ural Company.
In 2015, finished the trial production of Grade 5 tubes, and started to make mass production.
In 2016, set up foreign sales team in Xi'an City.
In 2017, enlarged the production of tube.
In 2018, enlarged the production of plate and anode.
In 2019, we focus on India market, plan to attend two exhibitions India in September & November.
Company Profile
Till now, we have three main production lines to make titanium and titanium alloys. The two is for titanium materials, included titanium bar/ forgings, titanium plate stocks, titanium tube/ pipe fittings and so on. The other is for customized machine parts, for example, heat exchanger, radiator, auto exhaust pipe, titanium bike, and titanium electrode etc. Mainly for North American, Southeast Asia,Europe and Russia.
We advocate and fulfill modern management spirits to the corporation. Our quality management system is executed in accordance with ISO9001:2000 strictly. All exported products are followed in international ASTM standards, which effectively guarantees the quality and delivery of the products.

We possess advanced processing technology ,newly-developed products and scientific cultural ideals.We have an independent R&D department. In tube production line, we have achieved a great deal. Our spinning technology of big seamless tube is advanced in China.We have acquired own patent certificate. Our Gr5 tube production line is top three in the world. The production equipment is introduced from Germany.

We insist to put people and customers first,and now the whole team are making their efforts to build a better corporation with advanced technology,scientific management,first-class talents and a prosperous future.We will use our excellent products and science service, shoulder to shoulder with our real friends to broaden a wider international market.
Our tent : quality first; reputation first; customers first; warm service; thoughtful and quick.
wholesale Titanium Fan

Re: wholesale Titanium Fan

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