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Kitchen Towel Machine manufacturers

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Product Introduction
This machine is full automatic cutting machine for toilet paper, it's cut by automatic band saw type.
Technical Parameter
Log length1500mm~2700mm
Log outside diameter90mm~180mm (standard size: 110卤5mm)
Cutting lengthVariable
Machine speed80cuts/min
Operation speed40-60cuts/min
Air compress0.6MPA(by customer)
Equipment Functions
1. Suitable for core and coreless toilet paper,rolls length from 9-18cm,automatic loading paper銆乼rimming銆乺ejecting銆乧an automatic link to packing machine.
2. Touching screen, with counting device, easy for operation.
3. It's safety when cutting the rolls, don't need labor, highly reduce the unsafety accident, guarantee the safe of the workers.
4. Just need to setting the cutting number in the touch screen then it can cut in order, Cutting speed is about 40-60 pcs/min, Paper cutting effect is not fluff unbiased not wide锛宭ink to full auto packing machine, save labor, reduce the cost锛?increase the efficient.
5. Whole machine is advance very stable international standard raw material,the control parts are famous brand.Kitchen Towel Machine manufacturers

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Re: Kitchen Towel Machine manufacturers

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