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Dow +299.66 points, boosted financial institutions group

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US stocks closed higher after easing investment regulations. Oil edged up from positive signs for the economy. Gold reduced for the 2nd consecutive day
The Dow rose 299.66 points (1.18 percent) to close at 25,745.60. S&P increased 33.43 points (1.10 percent) to close at 3,083.76. The NASDAQ rose 107.84 points (1.09 percent) to close at 10,017.00 points. Supported by financial institutions' shares After the federal government has relaxed the regulations enforced since after the global financial crisis of 2008, opened the way for the central bank. Of America making more investments West Texas Crude Oil Contract Inter media Or Lite Suite Scratch August delivery for the month rose 71 cents to 38.72 dollars a barrel. Brent, North Sea, London Delivery for August delivery rose 74 cents to 41.05 dollars a barrel.

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