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Behavior that harms "liver"

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Drinking too much alcohol We all already know that alcohol has a negative effect on the liver. The more you drink, the more damage to the liver. If you want to be a healthy person then drink in moderation. But if the history of your family has ever had alcohol food Or liver disease You should avoid and drink these small amounts. Not drinking enough water. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is something we've learned for a long time. Drinking insufficient amounts of water can affect the liver's ability to eliminate toxins. If the liver loses moisture, it will not work fully. And also makes the risk of illness Therefore, you should drink the amount of water your body needs and should be water that comes from clean, smoking sources. Not only affects the lungs, it can also affect the liver. Smoking can cause liver cancer. And also causing free radicals that hurt the body as well. Click now

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