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What health insurance is best when expecting a pregnancy?

Непрочитанное сообщение Lincon » 24 май 2019 15:24

Hello everyone,,
My wife and I are finally settled and looking to expand our family. I'm working as a contractor and am fortunate enough to have insurance which covers only me for an acceptable price or me+spouse for an unacceptable price (cheaper to get similar insurance externally). She has been working in a contract-to-hire position and they're just about to switch her to full time, at which point we'll both have insurance separately through our own employers.

I've always gotten the cheapest health plan because it's been the best fit for me since I rarely see doctors and just need health insurance for emergency sitations. Knowing that having a baby can be pricey, is it decidedly better to opt for a pricier plan? I don't have specifics / for her health plan but I assume it will be the typical bronze, silver, and gold plans that I've experienced elsewhere. In my earlier experience, my monthly costs for bronze were about $80 and the next level *(silver) would cost another $400/month, meaning about another $5k per year with minimal reductions to costs at the time of care. Unless somebody saw themselves spending plenty on healthcare, I couldn't imagine it being justifiable.

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