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How to fix Virus and Malware Issue on HP Printer

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It is a rare possibility that the HP printer gets infected by Virus or Malware. But if you have come across this issue and need a manual troubleshooting method, then you can follow the steps given below. And if you wish to acquire technical assistance, then you can contact HP printer customer care phone number.
• First of all, disable any antivirus program running in the system to avoid conflicts
• Now download Junkware removal tool in the desktop
• Once the file gets downloaded, click on the JRT.exe file and choose the option of Run as administrator.
• The tool will now start scanning the system
• Once the scanning is complete, a log (JRT.txt) will get saved in the desktop and will open automatically
• Now in the reply message, you need to paste the contents of JRT.txt
• After the process is completed, you can enable the antivirus program again.

Read More: https://www.printer-support-service.com/hp-printer-customer-support/

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