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Find the answer! Do you work like Work Smart or Work Hard?

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Any work to be effective And comes with that efficiency It is necessary to manage that job wisely, also known as Work Smart, which is different from working Hard, even when working hard day and night. But may have to exchange with health And the lost personal life
If anyone still can't figure out what kind of person they are, Tonkit 360 brings together the two characteristics of their work to make a clear comparison of how people who work with Work Smart and Work Hard are different.
Work smart
People who work like a Work Smart when assigned to various tasks tend to first prioritize which tasks should be done before or after. And when new jobs come in, they will always analyze and plan the work first Therefore allocate work that has been assigned systematically To get the most effective work But requires the least amount of time to work. In addition, they will use the time to fully work and be worthwhile. Without wasting time with vain things In order to finish the work on time And do not have to carry work back to do at home Because it is considered that personal life must be equally important Therefore managing time perfectly for both personal and work matters So we often see people at Work Smart allocating time very well. When it's time to finish work, there's no work left over. Because the work has been cleared successfully But if there is a great work

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